Steve Silberman schreibt im Wired Magazin über die Entstehung von Darren Aronofskys („Pi“, „Requiem for a Dream“) visionären neuen Science Fiction Film „The Fountain

To create his controversial sci-fi epic The Fountain, director Darren Aronofsky had to slash the Hollywood budget ditch the usual digital f/x, and return to his roots as an indie filmmaker.

Special-effects wizard Peter Parks created the ethereal nebula shots (shown here) by photographing a few microliters of iodine and baby oil in his 400-year-old workshop.

He felt that in the past three decades, the visual innovations introduced by these directors had degenerated into a set of stale conventions, particularly an overreliance on digital imagery. After seeing The Matrix, Aronofsky became determined to be the next director to push the genre into new territory. „No matter how good CGI looks at first, it dates quickly,“ he says. „But 2001 really holds up. So I set the ridiculous goal of making a film that would reinvent space without using CGI.“

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