The Communist Manifesto illustrated by Disney

Displaying a broad range of Golden Age Hollywood animation, Manifestoon is a homage to the latent subversiveness of cartoons. Though U.S. cartoons are usually thought of as conveyors of capitalist ideologies of consumerism and individualism, Drew observes: „Somehow as an avid childhood fan of cartoons, these ideas were secondary to a more important lesson—that of the ‚trickster‘ nature of many characters as they mocked, outwitted and defeated their more powerful adversaries. In the classic cartoon, brute strength and heavy artillery are no match for wit and humor, and justice always prevails. For me, it was natural to link my own childhood concept of subversion with an established, more articulate version [Marx and Engels‘ Communist Manifesto].

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  1. Gravatar Icon 1 Inquisitor 15. November 2006 um 6:17 Uhr

    I must say that your banner is by far the most creative one i‘ve ever seen. Impressive.

  2. Gravatar Icon 2 ubik 15. November 2006 um 8:14 Uhr

    it’s not my design, I took it from a shirt design of

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