Frank van der Salm

Van Der Salms Photographien wirken wie Modellaufnahmen…

via BLDGBLOG, lesenswert ist übrigens auch Manaugh’s Kritik der Kunstritiker/historiker-Essays auf Van Der Salms Seite:

„… an outdated vocabulary with no analytic or practical use gets combined with a weirdly unnecessary check-list of theorists and their books; and, all the while, the general public awareness of art in the world becomes limited to Apocalypto.
Which just means that someone at Yale will declare a „crisis in contemporary cinema,“ and they‘ll promptly be awarded a Mellon Fellowship. Thus armed, they spend a whole year outlining their new Horkheimerian approach to cultural discourse theory – which is a field they appear to have invented.
Only then to declare a crisis in it.“

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  1. Gravatar Icon 1 len 03. Januar 2007 um 23:59 Uhr

    Wenn dir der Style gefällt: Einfach mal nach „tilt shift“ bildergoogeln.

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