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Meet the Real Sacha Baron Cohen

„English comedian and actor Sacha Baron Cohen is best-known for his characters. They include a journalist from England named Ali G, and Bruno, a flamboyantly gay Austrian fashion reporter.“
Auf npr anhören. (via swen)
Interessant wird das interview als Cohen auf die Unterschiede zwischen Borat und Bruno, seine Rolle als schwuler österreichischer Modereporter eingeht:

Bruno is the subject of a lot of homophobia. The main difference between playing Borant and Bruno is, that it is a lot more dangerous doing Bruno, because there is so much homophobia. So for example, when I was doing Bruno at the Alabama, Mississipy football game a few years ago, 60.000 people in the crowd started chanting faggot, and started throwing stuff at me, taunting me, spitting at me, threatening to kill me. Those kind of situations are a lot more common when you are playing a gay character. It is almost as if homophobia is one of the last form of prejudice that really is tolerated. (…)
That day, I knew it was going to get a little dangerous, so I decided to hire a bodyguard. But the moment the crowd started jeering and booing and chanting faggot, I turned to see where the bodyguard was, and what I was seeing was the back of his head as he was running out of the stadium.