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Links am 16.03.

  • Iraqi Shia Leader urges followers to kill homosexuals in the „worst, most severe way“. Badr militants are entrapping gay men via internet chat rooms. „They arrange a date, and then beat and kill the victim,“ Hili said. (via)
  • Du bist Deutschland? Frag, was Du für Dein Land tun kannst und fühl dich einfach gut dabei! Ein Text von jimmy boyle berlin. (via)
  • Macht Sinn: „Peter Roeder, a consultant for the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, says Indonesian villagers have an onomatopoeic name for bird flu “that sounds like ‘plop,’ the sound of a chicken hitting the ground when it falls out of a tree. They also have a name for the cat form of avian flu—‘aargh plop’—because cats make a screaming noise before they fall out of the tree.” (via)
  • Und eben hab ich noch gewitzelt: «Die Renten von Kinderlosen müssten um die Hälfte gesenkt werden.»
  • Keiser Jr. said Elton John was „worthy of death,“ and when asked if Mary Cheney should be rendered lifeless if the homo-slaughtering law for which he’s pushing became a reality, he replied „how else would you do it?“
  • SkyScout is a sky-watching digital scope that automatically identifies stars, provides directions to other stars, and recites mythology about celestial bodies. (via)