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Sissy Boy Slap Party

Eine Beschreibung auf der IMDb erspart mir die Mühe den Inhalt in Worte zu fassen:

When the „daddy“ goes out to the shop to buy condoms, he warns his gathered young men that he wants no slapping while he is away. Of course, this warning lasts fewer than 10 seconds after he has stepped out of the door and quickly the group are slapping each other all over and loving every minute of it.

Although this short film has no plot and no real meaning, it is worth seeing simply as another example of who Guy Maddin is and how his style can be used in various ways – in this film, acting out gay clichés while also sending up the homo-erotic cinema of past generations. Here we have four minutes of men (very camp men) slapping each other. While it may sound like a closet case’s perfect film, it is actually a funny little piece that lampoons the clichés of cinema’s presentation of homosexuals and the eroticism that it cannot help but produce at the same time. Many will see just men slapping each other and will wonder what the point was. Not worth hunting down by itself, this short is still funny enough and interesting enough to se worth seeing if you get the chance, despite the basic „plot“. Maddin fans will understand why he is always worth seeing and this short is no exception even if there is really very little to it.